Vaseline Skin Care Tips: You Glow Girl!

Prepping your skin for a fun girls’ night out is easy with these ‘glow getting’ tips and tricks. You don’t want to rush your beauty routine, so ensure that you give yourself ample time to primp and preen. Start by selecting your outfit to ensure that there’s no last minute indecision as to what you want to wear. Ensure that your outfit is comfortable and makes you feel good – confidence is, after all, the best accessory!

Run a bath and add a few drops of essential oil or bubbles to refresh your energy levels so that you’re ready for the night ahead. Pamper your skin with beauty products like a gentle scrub to encourage circulation and a facemask to boost radiance. Apply a moisturiser to your facial skin so that it’s beautifully hydrated and supple. This will ensure your skin looks plump and gorgeous for the full duration of the evening.

Apply a hydrating body lotion that will leave your skin with a gorgeous glow. Apply all over the body, concentrating on your arms, legs and neck. Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion and Cream: Cocoa Glow is a great option as its rich, hydrating formula infuses the skin with moisture while igniting its natural glow.

Do your hair and apply your make-up before getting dressed. Ensure that you choose one feature to focus on – either your lips or eyes. A dark, smokey eye with dramatic liner and lashings of mascara is super-sexy. Groom unruly eyebrows by applying a little Vaseline petroleum jelly onto them with a cotton bud and brush into your desired shape using an eyebrow brush. If you decide to play up your pout instead, choose a bold, eye-catching shade but remember that you’ll need to touch it up regularly (especially if you’re sipping on a few cocktails) throughout the evening.

Spritz some of your favourite fragrance onto the wrists, neck, behind the ears and cleavage. These areas emanate heat so your scent will continue to smell glorious the whole evening. Remember to always apply your scent before getting dressed and prior to putting on your jewellery. Metals and fragrance don’t mix because the alcohol in perfume can cause them to tarnish.

Get dressed, check your bag to make sure that you have all of the essentials that you’ll need for the evening, and ENJOY your girls’ night out!
Vaseline Skin Care Tips: You Glow Girl!