Why Leading Sportsmen Use Vaseline Men

It’s time to face it… cleansing and moisturising should be as much a part of your daily routine as checking your emails. Being presentable and well-groomed is what the modern man is all about and proper skincare has a ton of health benefits too.

The skin is your body’s first line of defence against any germs and infections, so, the stronger it is the stronger you are. To really put our skincare products to the test, we let leading sportsmen in the roughest, toughest sports use them to protect their skin while on and off the field.
Why Leading Sportsmen Use Vaseline Men
Vaseline MEN is the official skincare sponsor of the Springbok Rugby team and Itumeleng Khune, South Africa’s leading goalkeeper and Captain of Bafana Bafana. These men push their bodies to the max, reaching peak performance during training and on game day – which results in bodies that, let’s be honest, can’t be beat. However, their skin goes through a similar test of endurance. It overheats and becomes dehydrated as not enough fluids are being taken in. And don’t even get us started on the physical scratches, bruises, chaffing and war wounds.

While sport and exercise are great for all-round health, fitness and performance, we can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure that your skin is strong and resilient. You need to put back what exercise takes out. This is how you win the skincare game.

Many body lotions and creams only moisturise the top layer of the skin, leaving it feeling as oily as a morning fry-up. Other body lotions and creams sink through the layers of the skin too quickly and totally underperform in the moisturising department.

Vaseline MENbody LOTIONSandBody CREAMS contain patented Stratys-3™ technology. It combines three different ingredients that allow moisture to deeply absorb into all three layers of the skin: the top, core and deeper layers. Basically, Vaseline MEN is to your skin what spinach is to Popeye; it will fortify and hydrate your skin, making it more resilient over time. Use Vaseline MENbody LOTIONS and CREAMS for skin that’s strong and smooth 24 hours a day.

To stay on top of their game, leading sportsmen have to ditch their partner’s moisturiser and trust Vaseline MEN to provide them with a range of skincare products that will not only protect their skin from damage, dehydration and a solid tackle to the ground, but will also ensure that it looks well-groomed and cared for. Buff physiques and smooth skin are key ingredients to today’s complete package. Can we get a “hell yeah!”?
    Whether you’re a sports star or not, you subject your skin to harsh conditions on a daily basis; shaving, scratching and you’re out there in the sun and wind no matter what, because you’re a South African man. African skin is also prone to pigmentation and dryness that often comes across as ashy or as grey skin. Not youthful. Not manly. Not cared for. Not cool.

    If our countries leading sportsmen trust Vaseline MEN to protect and nourish their hard-working skin, then shouldn’t you too?