Vaseline Skincare Tips: Save Your Skin On The Sports Field

You’re on the right diet, you’ve got a great coach, you’re making the most of your gym membership and you’ve got enough motivation to move a mountain. That’s great, but the downside to your fierce fitness routine is the toll that it takes on your skin. By pushing your body to its limits with workouts and strenuous sports field antics, your skin also gets put through a test of endurance. Overcome this hurdle by using skincare products that will help protect your skin.
Vaseline Skincare Tips: Save Your Skin On The Sports Field
Although sports injuries are a given in contact sports and you can’t control how prone your skin is to damage, you can strengthen it by improving its condition. Dry, thin and easily irritated skin is more prone to damage than healthy skin. And skin that is not taken care of may not heal as well as skin that is cared for. Hydrating skincare products such as Vaseline MENbody FAST ABSORBING BODY LOTION and Body CREAM thoroughly moisturises skin and thereby buffers it. These products have been specially designed to provide immediate dry skin relief and improve the skin’s condition without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Treat your skin with a moisturising lotion or cream like Vaseline MENbody EXTRA STRENGTH LOTION on a daily basis. Increased circulation and blood flow is the key to maintaining skin firmness and smoothness, and healthy skin means less damaged skin.
  • The aftermath of sporting wounds and dings can result in an uneven skin tone. This needs to be treated on an on-going basis as pigmentation worsens if it is left untreated. Vaseline MENbody EVEN TONE BODY LOTION and Body CREAM helps give you more even toned skin that looks brighter and is more healthy.
While we like to think of ourselves as macho with all our sporting war wounds, there’s really nothing macho about a guy who doesn’t take good care of the skin that he’s in. After a hard game, make sure that you replace all the nutrients, hydration and conditioning that your sporting activities take out of your skin by using the above mentioned Vaseline skincare products