Vaseline Men’s Range

Twenty-first century males no longer frown upon following a skin care regime, once the sole preserve of women. We’ve learnt to appreciate that personal grooming enhances our overall wellbeing and optimises our appearance in a highly competitive world.

Our face is what people see first and is what makes the first impression. If we are confident about the way we look we have the necessary self-belief that can bring out the best in us, and put us in good stead amongst our friends and colleagues. The plain and simple truth is that you need to look after your skin by adopting a good skin care regime - and we’re here to tell you how.

Did you know that as a male, your skin is fundamentally different from a female’s skin? It’s tougher, thicker and more prone to oiliness. You can’t just use any old lotion or cream on your face, because in all likelihood it will leave your skin feeling dry only a few hours after applying it.
Vaseline Men’s Range
The VASELINE MENface range has been designed specifically for men’s skin. These Vaseline skincare products help make men’s skin stronger, smoother and blemish free. For the best results follow this two step skincare regime twice a day, preferably morning and night.
  • Step 1:
    Step 1:
    Cleanse - use a product from the Vaseline MENface range. It won’t dry out your skin like bar soap. Apply face wash foam in circular movements over a moistened face and neck. Then rinse with warm water.
  • Step 2:
    Step 2:
    Moisturise - after cleansing, massage a Vaseline MENface moisturiser onto your the neck and face using small circular movements until the moisturiser is completely absorbed. Remember: It’s your skin, so be gentle with it!
While your face may be the first thing that people see, the skin covering the rest of your body needs just as much protection, attention and care to keep it looking and feeling great. The New VASELINE MENbody range has been specifically formulated with a man’s skin care needs in mind. With Stratys 3™ - a breakthrough in moisturising technology, these Vaseline products deliver superior moisture across all three of the skin’s surface layers for up to 24 hours.

We know how it is; grooming is kind of new to you and you’re not into spending hours getting it done – but you’ve got to start somewhere. Cleansing and moisturising with products from Vaseline is the starting block that you need. With the comprehensive Vaseline MEN range that was designed to meet your specific male skincare needs, not only will your skin look great, it’ll feel awesome too. And you won’t be the only one who notices it!