The truth about why you get razor bumps

Everyone has their good and bad skin days. One of the most common causes of a bad skin day is the infamous razor bumps, after shaving. Sound familiar?

The truth about why you get razor bumps
So why do they form?

If you have curly or coarse hair, then you’re prone to having razor rash. When you shave your curly hair, you also become more susceptible to ingrown hair.

So let’s nip this in the bud shall we? Here are a few tips you can use to prevent razor bumps:

  • Ensure your blade is sharp. Having a sharp blade means that it is easier (and quicker) to cut your hair. If you’re shaving with a blunt blade, you’ll spend more time shaving on the same spot to get rid of hairs which will lead to skin irritation.

  • It’s all about the shave. Try not to shave too close to your skin and aim to shave in the direction your hair growth.

  • Soften your hair. Having soft hair is essential for an effortless shave. Before shaving, soak a face cloth in warm water. Apply the warm cloth to your face for a few minutes and then apply your shaving cream to the area you want to shave. This will not only soften your hair but also open your pores.

  • You can substitute your razor blade. It is not compulsory to shave with your razor blade. If you have sensitive skin and you’re prone to breakouts, use an electric shaver instead.

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This is an important step of your skin care regime. After shaving, soothe your skin with the Vaseline Anti-Bump Face Moisturiser.

  • Take care of your skin regularly. Shave every three days or once a week to allow your hair to grow from your skins surface and will give your skin ample time to heal from previous shaving. Use a men’s face wash every day to rid yourself from any impurities. After towel drying your face, use a moisturiser or petroleum jelly to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Don’t rush. You have to spend time with your skin. Rushing through shaving will not help your skin in any way and can result in cuts or scratches forming.

Taking care of your skin, following a strict skin regime and using the correct shaving methods is essential to ensure you have smooth, healthy looking skin. So, the next time you shave, remember to follow these important tips and say goodbye to razor bumps, forever!