Skin Care Tips for Men: Male Grooming 101 – Cleansing

Gone are the days of splashing water on your face in the morning or randomly selecting a skin care product from your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet. A man’s skin is fundamentally different to woman’s skin. Structurally it is thicker, tougher and produces more oil and facial hair than the skin of (most) women. Men also come into contact with pollution and the sun more often and let’s face it, we’re less likely to lather ourselves with sun block before we leave the house and we don’t carry facial wipes in our gym bags.
Skin Care Tips for Men: Male Grooming 101 – Cleansing
As a result, men’s skincare needs are different to women’s skincare needs. Your unique masculine skin requires a range of products that are specifically suited to its unique manly needs.

The VASELINE MENface range offers a wide selection of cleansing products to help keep your skin looking clean, oil-free and even toned. What’s more is that because we understand that you want simple, effective solutions that suit your active lifestyle, and because you’re not really into words like epidermal and pigmentation, we’ve simplified it all for you here:.
  • Vaseline MENface Skincare Cleansing Range
    Vaseline MENface FACIAL SCRUB DEEP CLEANSE face wash Contains micro beads that gently exfoliate dead and dull skin cells, leaving you with clear skin that looks energised.

    Vaseline MENface CLEANSE and SHAVE Suitable as both a facial cleanser and lather for shaving, this 2-in-1 cleanse and shave product leaves our skin feeling nourished and smooth.

    Vaseline MENface OIL CONTROL face wash Contains glacial clay, an innovative ingredient that removes oil from deep within your skin’s pores and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin surface.

    Vaseline MENface SPOT CONTROL face wash Contains activated charcoal that helps prevent and control outbreaks. It ensures a clear skin complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots in two weeks.
  • How to use these Vaseline products:
    Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand, add a little water and lather to create a gentle foam. Apply the foam to your moistened face and neck in circular movements. Rinse with warm water and follow with a moisturiser from the Vaseline MENface range. No mess, no fuss, just good clean skin care.

    Cleansing your face is the most important step towards healthy and vibrant skin. As men we are often not sure about what products to use and at times don’t believe that our skin needs cleansing at all.
Cleansing with products from the Vaseline MENface range ensures your specific skin care needs are taken care of. There is a comprehensive range to choose from and these Vaseline products won’t dry out your skin like a bar of soap would.