Say No to Razor Bumps with These Skin Care Tips

Ingrown hairs, or razor bumps as they’re sometimes called, are hair follicles that grow sideways underneath your skin instead of breaking through the skin’s surface. They can also occur when a curly hair turns back inside the follicle or a thin hair can’t quite break through to the surface. As if that’s not enough to turn shaving into a bad experience, razor bumps can look like pimples! Excess oil gets trapped under the skin, and the skin becomes inflamed and sometimes painful too. It’s tough being a dude!
Say No to Razor Bumps with These Skin Care Tips
If you’re dealing with reoccurring ingrown hairs it may be worth your while to change the way that you shave. The wrong shaving technique can be the cause of your skin issue. The correct tools should help you avoid those nasty little bumps. Here are Vaseline’s top tips for avoiding those angry ingrown hairs.
  • 1. Full steam ahead
    Place a warm, damp facecloth over the area that you are about to shave as this relaxes your skin and opens your pores, making the removal of the hairs much easier.
  • 2. Watch out Edward Scissor hands
    Fine, sharp tweezers can really help with extracting stray, trapped hair, but don’t try this yourself if you don’t have the right tweezers. You might be left with permanent scarring if you’re not careful, so it may be worth your while to have it done by a professional skin therapist.
  • 3. Throw a foam party for your face
    The trick to a clean and effective shave is in the tools that you use. Get yourself a good quality razor, with sharp blades that you can replace every 10 to 15 shaves. Coupled with a great shaving gel or cream that effectively soothes and protects your skin, you’re on your way to looking smooth and feeling good. Try Vaseline MENface SMOOTH SHAVE, an effective 2-in-1 cleanse and shave product that reduces friction, making your shave more manageable.

    Remember to shave with the grain and not against it, to avoid skin irritation. Otherwise use a dry shaver as this won’t give you such a close shave and will reduce your chances of getting razor bumps.
  • 4. Clean up your act
    With Vaseline MENface DEEP CLEANSE face scrub. It removes dead skin cells that can block the pores and gently breaks the skin surface so that hair can grow out. A word of warning: be gentle and don’t overdo it. Too much scrubbing can create dry patches on your face and you don’t want to solve one problem whilst creating another like dry skin.
  • 5. The finishing touches
    Now that you’ve clipped and cut and chopped any unwanted facial hair, it’s really important that you put back the moisture that shaving can take out of the skin. Use effective moisturising facial products like Vaseline MENface ANTI BUMP face moisturiser which is both alcohol and fragrance free and has been clinically proven to reduce razor bumps in two weeks, keeping your skin healthy and smooth.
Don’t make the mistake of letting unruly facial hair take over your face. Invest in a good quality hair clipper to keep the hair at bay, and continue to cleanse and moisturise like the well-groomed gentleman you are. Male grooming does include skincare at the end of the day and to ensure your skin is properly cared for, trust Vaseline.