New Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly is a triple purified petroleum jelly with added antibacterial actives that keep germs at bay to ensure that your skin stays safe and protected. It also locks in moisture to keep your skin soft and smooth. Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly helps to fortify your skin which is your strongest natural barrier against germs. It’s the same Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that you have come to know and love, with the same skin care properties; the only difference is that Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly also offers 99.9% germ protection. 

When your skin is dry and sensitive, it can look grey and ashen. As life happens, the skin around your heels and elbows can crack during winter, your child can pick up small bruises while playing, or you can break the skin with a small cut or minor burn while doing kitchen which is why you need a skin care product that not only provides your skin with adequate moisture but also prevents the spread of germs. Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly is that product.
New Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline's Top tips for Keeping Germs at Bay
You may know the obvious places where germs are lurking; like public bathrooms or escalator handrails but don’t be fooled! Germs can be found everywhere; in the playground at school, in the garden, on the bus, and especially on your hands, which is why you can never do too much to ensure that you and your family is and stays protected.
With Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly, you can easily keep germs at bay by following these easy steps:
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, and apply Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly after every wash.
  • Use your hands to cover your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing to prevent germs from spreading.
  • Apply Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly to your whole body after your daily bath or shower.
  • If your kids are sick, keep them at home so that they do not infect others.
  • Apply Vaseline GermSafe Petroleum Jelly to your children before they go out to play. This will help protect their skin from grass burns on the field and from picking up germs.