Male Grooming: Make First Impressions Count

It’s no secret guys … Women love a well-groomed man with healthy skin. So if you scrub up well, with the help of great skincare products from Vaseline MEN, she won’t be able to take her eyes off you. We’ll help you get good skin, fast and easy, with these skin care tips for men.
Male Grooming: Make First Impressions Count
  • First on the agenda: Body hair. It’s got to go. Being a smooth operator doesn’t mean you have to book yourself in for a full body wax, but most women agree that they’re not particularly keen on getting cosy with a hairy beast. Everything in moderation gents. The hair on your back should go and the same applies for those unsightly little strands poking out of your ears, nose and in-between your eyebrows. A monobrow never worked for anyone.
  • Check your hands and feet. Women judge a man’s cleanliness by his hands: nails must be short and clean with the cuticles pushed back and moisturised. It’s an easy way to show your lady how “sharp” your male grooming skills are. Thanks to Vaseline MENbody EXTRA STRENGTH BODY LOTION, formulated to hydrate and soothe extra dry skin, your hands and feet are covered, literally.
  • A great trick for healthy face care is to exfoliate your skin while in the shower. The warm steam from the shower will help open your pores, allowing Vaseline MENface FACIAL SCRUB DEEP CLEANSE with micro-beads to lift away dull, dead skin leaving your face feeling softer, hydrated, plumped up and ready for that first kiss. Plus, a warm shower is the best way to relax, both body and mind.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of healthy skin, which comes from an intensive skin care regime. As the final step in your face care prep, get a close shave with Vaseline MENface SMOOTH SHAVE, which conveniently doubles as a face wash. Follow with Vaseline MENface ANTI-BUMP FACE MOISTURISER to prevent ingrown hairs.
It’s true what they say; first impressions do count. So make it count in your favour. Trust the Vaseline MEN range and our skincare tips for men. Vaseline will take care of your skincare needs and help prepare you for that first date of awesomeness.