The New Vaseline® Intensive Care Range

Vaseline® is proud to present the new Vaseline® Intensive Care range – a range that taps into the true restorative power of Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly in a daily formula that meets a variety of skin care needs. The superior formulation of our New Vaseline® Intensive Care Range goes beyond moisturisation to deeply restore dry skin for up to three times longer*.
The New Vaseline® Intensive Care Range
  • A Heritage of Restoration
    Vaseline® is leveraging its 140 year heritage of skin restoration with the introduction of the new Vaseline® Intensive Care Range. These body lotions and creams effectively address daily skin concerns such as sensitive and dry skin. While many daily body lotions provide immediate hydration and relief to dry skin symptoms, they do not address the underlying problem, namely, that the skin’s protective barrier is not functioning properly.
  • Truly Healthy Skin
    Truly healthy skin can only be achieved with deep restoration, and deep restoration starts with Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly. To help women fight dry skin and sensitive skin, the new and improved Vaseline Intensive Care Range is now enriched with the restorative power of micro-droplets of Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly. Similar to the original skin healer from 1870, these micro-droplets are triple purified to be 100% pure and safe, and to lock in moisture. 
    Combined with a specially designed blend of humectants (a substance that helps retain moisture) to draw moisture into the skin, each of the balanced formulas in the Vaseline® Intensive Care Range delivers on the specific daily restoration needs of all women. 
  • Tailored Skin Care
    The new Vaseline® Intensive Care range includes five variants, each clinically proven to deeply moisturise and relieve very dry skin from the first application. Each unique formulation, infused with restoring micro-droplets of Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly and fragrances developed by the experts behind Calvin Klein, offers a truly superior sensory experience. 
    The result is guaranteed - stronger, smoother and more restored skin.