How Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Skin’s Health

When it comes to achieving and maintaining healthy skin, there are a number of factors that influence the look and feel of your skin. Diet and environmental factors can leave you with sensitive skin or in desperate need for dry skin relief. Take a look at how to achieve supple and soft skin with these lifestyle tips from Vaseline:
How Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Skin’s Health
  • Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet
    Eating a balanced diet that largely consists of lean protein, like chicken, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables, will ensure clear skin that glows with health and vitality. Fresh produce contains vitamins and phytonutrients which help to rebuild skin cells, making them stronger. A diet consisting of unhealthy foods will have an undesirable effect on the skin. This is because processed, fast food doesn’t contain as many vitamins and minerals while fresh, wholesome foods do.
  • Hydrate Your Body
    Keeping your body hydrated with water fresh fruit juice and herbal teas will eliminate toxins and result in clear, healthy skin. While it’s fun to have the occasional glass of wine, beer or bubbly, overindulging in alcohol dehydrates the system which can lead to wrinkles and dry skin. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause rosacea (reddening of the skin) because it dilates the tiny blood vessels that are closest to the outer layer of the skin. Sometimes these burst, causing broken capillaries on the skin.
  • Combat Stress with Exercise
    The best way to counteract stress is with daily exercise. Stress can affect the health of the skin and can cause skin problems like acne, sensitivity and dehydration. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and try to partake every day. Not only will your skin look great, the benefits will show on your body as well.
  • Don’t Smoke
    Smoking is bad for the skin because it deprives it of optimal amounts of oxygen. The effects of smoking on the skin include a sallow looking complexion, dehydration and fine lines and wrinkles that can be tough to reduce. Luckily it’s never too late to kick the habit! After just two weeks of kicking the habit, the negative effects of smoking start to lessen. The lungs start showing signs of recovery and circulation improves, making exercise easier and allowing dry and sensitive skin to heal.
  • Be Sun Savvy
    While the sun provides us with essential Vitamin D, over exposing ourselves to UV rays is not good for the skin. Too much sun can result in dark spots, wrinkles, sunburn and premature ageing. It’s essential to always protect your skin with a sunscreen when you’re outdoors. Try to avoid direct sun contact between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the rays are at their strongest. Ensure that you re-hydrate the skin with a good moisturiser after any sun exposure, like Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Aloe Soothe Lotion.