Healthy Skin - Family Affair

The skin is our largest organ and it covers the entire body. It protects us against external aggressors like heat, light and infection. It’s our body’s first line of defence against the elements and is also responsible for regulating body temperature, preventing water loss and ensuring that bacteria do not enter the body. So using quality skincare products to ensure healthy skin is of the utmost importance.
Healthy Skin - Family Affair
  • Baby’s Skin
    A baby’s skin is soft and delicate and can be prone to sensitivity. Avoid harsh skin care products and opt for body lotions and balms that are fragrance and colour free instead. In other words, choose products that have been designed with baby skin care in mind.

    The multitasking baby skincare product Vaseline petroleum jelly: baby is mild and gentle. It can even be used to help treat nappy rash and to help reduce irritation.
  • Young Children’s Skin
    Toddlers and tweens tend to be very physical, spending most of their days playing and running around. This is when skin care (meaning, washing skin daily to get rid of dirt and grime) is very important. To protect it from germs, apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly: GermSafe onto their skin after their bath and before they go to play outside. It moisturises the skin while keeping 99.9% of germs away. A gentle body lotion used twice or three times a week will keep their skin smooth and nourished. Try Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion. It contains breakthrough moisturising technology that infuses moisture into the top, core and deep surface layers of the skin.
  • Teenagers’ Skin
    Teenagers’ skin requires special attention. The onset of hormonal activity can wreak havoc with an otherwise healthy skin. Acne is often prevalent during the teenage years and can also affect areas on the body, like the back, neck and chest. A common misconception is that skin suffering from acne is too oily and doesn’t require additional moisture. This is untrue – if you don’t give oily skin the moisture that it needs, the sebaceous glands produce even more oil! Washing the face and body daily to eliminate oils and dirt is also essential. Treat the face with the appropriate moisturiser and if oiliness is a problem, ensure an oil-free moisturiser is used. Using a body lotion like Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion and Cream: FRAGRANCE FREE ensures that the skin is nourished. It also reduces the risk of any irritation, because the product is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Ageing Skin
    For moms and dads, ageing skin can be a great concern. The best skin care products for ageing skin are those that address dryness and uneven skin tone. A daily dose of moisturiser after your bath or shower is essential to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion and Cream: Cocoa Glow is nourishing and infuses moisture into the skin. It adds a soft glow to the skin making it appear healthy and radiant.
With these skincare products from Vaseline, the entire family can have healthy, problem-free skin.