Great Skin On-The-Go with Vaseline

The alarm clock goes off. You’re feeling shattered from the night before and need a pick-me-up to get you going. You grab some strong coffee and then hit the shower. Checking yourself in the mirror, you realise that you’re in trouble. Your skin is looking dry, dull and uncared for, and it too needs a quick pick-me-up to get it going.
Great Skin On-The-Go with Vaseline
  • You can take care of your looks with a few simple lifestyle choices and a couple of grooming essentials that deliver real results in record time. Be sure to pick men’s skincare products for your bathroom cabinet or gym duffel that tackle dry skin fast. Here are some helpful tips:
  • DO sweat it out. Whether it’s a hard-core cardio workout or a game of soccer with the guys, there is no substitute for the glow of health that you get from exercise. Fit guys just have better skin – fact. Be sure to wash away the sweat with Vaseline MENface OIL CONTROL face wash.
  • DON’T shave without lathering up first. A suitable shaving gel is a prep step that you can’t afford to skip because it lowers your chances of getting ingrown hairs and helps to keep skin supple. What’s even better is to use a multi-benefit product like Vaseline MENface CLEANSE & SHAVE. It’s a 2 in 1 face cleanser and shaving product that ensures your skin stays clean and your complexion stays even toned.
  • DO treat your skin from the inside out. Hydration is key, so go easy on the alcohol, coffee and tea as it seriously dehydrates your skin. Rather opt for herbal teas or water.
  • DON’T go to bed with a dirty face. The accumulated grime on your pillow is not doing your face and neck any favours so make sure that they’re changed on a regular basis. Also … do NOT skip your daily face cleansing routine no matter how hectic your schedule is. Your face care is as important as showering, and you wouldn’t leave for work or head out on a hot date without showering, now would you?
  • DO moisturise. Just as your designer shoes need polishing, so does your skin. Harsh elements like the sun, wind and pollution can leave your skin feeling rough and sensitive, so you want a solution that restores vitality and hydration to your face and body. Two all-star skin care products are Vaseline MENbody FAST ABSORBING BODY LOTION and Vaseline MENbody FAST ABSORBING CREAM. They tackle dry skin in 15 seconds, to give you 24h strong, smooth and healthy skin.
  • DON’T squeeze pimples. Unless you’re a qualified beautician, which we highly doubt, and our, best guess is that you’re doing it wrong. Squeezing incorrectly not only spreads bacteria but damages the sensitive skin on your face too. Guys have thicker and oilier skin due to the male hormone testosterone, so it’s useful to use skincare products that are suited to your skin-type to prevent your skin from acting up in the first place. Vaseline MENface SPOT CONTROL face wash removes gunk from pores, so you don’t have to.
The bottom line is that you want a skincare routine that is uncomplicated, fits into your lifestyle and is quick and easy. After all, because you’re living life in the fast lane your skincare regime needs to be as efficient as you are.