Get Summer Ready

When we think of summer, we think pretty, cool dresses and warm sunny days. We also know that now is the time to get gorgeous, glowing skin that we feel confident enough to display. With a little extra TLC and our skincare guide to polishing, pampering and protecting your skin, you will be sure to look and feel your best this summer.
Get Summer Ready
  • Polish
    Something as beautiful as your skin deserves to be polished, which will keep it looking gorgeous and healthy. Dead skin cells can accumulate over time, causing it to look dry, rough and uneven. By using an exfoliator, you can remove these dead cells and their dulling effect on the skin’s surface, leaving it looking healthy and glowing. You can make your own facial scrub by mixing Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original Blue Seal with a handful of brown sugar. Gently rub the scrub over your skin using small circular motions and rinse. Don’t forget those areas prone to dry skin, like your knees, elbows and heels.
  • Pamper
    To ensure that your skin is beautifully soft, silky smooth and free of any ashen tone, it’s important to apply a nourishing body lotion every day. It may sound like hard work, but if you use a moisturiser on your skin every time you clean your teeth, it will become a part of your daily routine in no time at all. Plus, choosing a formula like Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow makes skincare that much easier as it contains pure Cocoa butter, which infuses moisture into the top, core and deep down layers of the skin, igniting a natural and healthy glow.
  • Protect
    There’s something appealing about the sun. That’s why we bathe in it during lazy summer days around the pool or on the beach with friends. The reality, however, is that the harsh sunshine that we love so much can be damaging to our skin. Sun damage causes premature ageing and discolouration. As more of the body is exposed to the sun for longer periods of time during summer, it’s important to protect it with sunscreen. Make sure that you use a daily moisturiser with an SPF factor in it, and an SPF cream for your body if you’re spending the day outdoors – and don’t forget to re-apply it regularly, especially after swimming. It’s a good idea to avoid sun exposure between the hours of 11am and 3pm when the UV rays are most and harmful.
Gorgeous glowing skin is one of summer’s must-have essentials. With the help of these Vaseline skincare tips, you can ensure that your skin is effectively nourished, protected, and cared for.