How to Firm Up your Legs

Advice from the Skin Care Experts at Vaseline

How to Firm Up your Legs
  • Exercise
    Walking, running, lunges and squats are all exercises you can do to tone your legs. Try walking or cycling to work - if the distance you need to travel is not too far. Whenever possible, taking the stairs instead of catching the lift. Walk to the shop instead of driving - these are all small daily lifestyle changes you can make that will not only contribute to lovely looking legs, but will also improve your overall health.
  • Eliminate Fuzz
    Remove any unwanted hair on your legs by shaving or waxing. For smooth skin, shaving offers instant hair removal while waxing will prolong the hair’s regrowth, meaning smoother legs for longer. The choice is up to you, depending on time and money (and your pain threshold).
  • Scrub Up
    For smooth skin; exfoliate your legs to remove any dead skin cells. A simple scrub made by combining some brown sugar with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Original BLUESEAL is extremely effective. Rub this exfoliation scrub onto your skin using circular motions and pay special attention to your ankles and knees, which tend to be drier than other areas of the legs. Exfoliating your skin ensures that the products you apply thereafter, penetrate more effectively.
  • Take Vitamin C
    If bruising is an issue on your legs, try taking 500 mg of Vitamin C daily. Doing so will strengthen the collagen in your blood vessel walls, making you less prone to bruising. You can treat an existing bruise by rubbing Arnica oil onto the area a few times a day. This will speed up the healing process.
  • Nourish and Glow
    To keep legs looking great, it’s essential to moisturise them daily with a hydrating cream or lotion. Vaseline Cocoa Glow contains cocoa butter to deeply nourish the skin while infusing it with a gorgeous glowing radiance.
  • Firm Up
    Applying a firming product twice a day can make a big difference to the tone and texture of the skin. The act of massaging in the product helps with firming and refining the skin’s texture. A product like Vaseline Firming Body Lotion combines collagen and minerals, which are natural spring-like proteins known to give skin its shape. This Firming lotion replenishes the skin with moisture and helps to restore firmness and resilience. In just two weeks this lotion significantly improves skin firmness.