Caring for Your Baby’s Skin

There’s nothing quite like the soft and delicate skin of a new born baby. But because your little one cannot care for his or her own fragile and sensitive skin, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with effective skincare tips to help you to protect your baby’s skin from irritation, sensitivity and sun damage.

Caring for Your Baby’s Skin
  • Preventing and caring for nappy rash

    Baby bums are prone to nappy rash, which occurs when the skin is irritated – (usually brought on by wet, tight-fitting nappies). Change your baby’s diaper as soon as it becomes wet, and clean the area with a damp cloth or wet wipe to avoid any rashes or infections. Apply a fragrance-free skincare product like Vaseline petroleum jelly: Original BLUESEAL to calm the skin and ward off any irritation.

  • Caring for Your Baby's Skin

    Babies under the age of six months don’t need to be bathed every day. Washing their skin too frequently can cause it to dry out. Limit bath time to no more than five or six minutes and gently pat skin dry, rather than rubbing, which could lead to irritation.

    Certain detergents, like body washes and shampoos, can trigger irritation, so ensure that you use baby skin care products that are fragrance- and colour-free, and that are suited to their sensitive and delicate baby skin. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Baby is a mild and gentle jelly developed specifically to work in harmony with your baby’s skin, thus helping to keep it soft, smooth and protected.

    Heat can also cause irritation on your baby’s skin, especially on areas prone to sweating like the neck, bottom, armpits and skin folds. Prevent this by dressing your baby in loose fitting cotton clothing and ensuring that his/her environment is cool and dry.

  • Protecting Baby's Skin
    Babies under the age of six months should not be exposed to direct sunlight as the suns UV rays can burn their sensitive skin. Ensure that you use protective clothing and a baby care product with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) especially formulated to protect their skin from the sun’s rays when outdoors.